価格 Price: Sold exchange rate calculation

刃長 Cutting edge : 62cm

反り Sori : 1.6cm

地鉄Jigane : 板目肌に柾目肌立ち、写り立つ
Strong Itame-hada and masame-hada, There is ji-utsuri and chikei in jigane.

刃文 Hamon : 互の目に小のたれ、皆焼き心となり、沸匂い深く刃中盛んに働き、刃縁明るく冴える 
There are very many changes hamon. Gunome, ko-Notare, Mimigata no Gunome, Choji,Tobiyaki, Muneyaki.
There is many kinsuji and many sunagashi in hamon.
Hamon is very bright. Nie is soft

帽子 Boshi : 一枚 Ichimai

時代 Era : 南北朝中期 (永和) Middle Nanbokucho era (Eiwa era c1375)

銘 Signature : うぶ茎無銘 (伝石州直綱)Ubu nakago mumei(Den Sekishu Naotsuna)

鑑定書 Paper : 日本刀剣保存会鑑定書 NTHK paper

拵え Koshirae : 時代拵(縁頭は新物) There is Koshirae, Fuchi kashira is not antique.

研ぎの状態 Polish : 現状鑑賞可能 Condition of polish is 90%.

備考 Other info : 所々、地の荒れがあり。There is a few kitae-kizu

コメント Comment : この刀は正宗の弟子と言われる石州直綱です。所謂小太刀で切先も小切先となり上品な太刀姿です。皆焼心となり派手な刃文で手頃な相州伝をお探しのコレクターにはお勧めの品です。うぶ茎も好ましく流石に地刃の冴えは一流工に恥じない出来でお勧めの一振りです。

This is Naotsuna of Nanbokucho era (Eiwa era,c1375)
with NTHK paper and koshirae. This sword is tachi. And Ubu-nakago.
Naotsuna is student Masamune.
Masamune is very famous 1st class smith in Sagami province.

Naotsuna worked in Dewa province and Iwami province.
It looks like "Masamune" Hamon is very interesting hamon.
This balde is Soshu-den!!

I will send NTHK paper later because NTHK shinsa passed on this month.
So, I don't yet receive NTHK paper from NTHK.

Anyway, Don't miss out!!!.
You can feel soul of samurai of Nanbokucho era with this sword.
Please check picture, and Please get your good collectin!!!